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A Tiny Thinker can develop and grow through parental guidance!

As parents, you are the most important teacher your child can have.


Parents are the first and most influential educators in their children’s life, according to the OECD and UNICEF.

A child spends 75-85% of their waking hours outside of school, leaving a bulk of their learning opportunities to their parents and main caregivers.


Parental involvement in children’s learning has a greater effect on academic success than socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or educational background.


Parental involvement can encourage better cognitive development in academic and language aspects and overall better learning outcomes.


Responsive and involved parenting promotes continued engagement in learning activities with the parent, developing their ability to manage their social behaviour and emotions well.



We've curated a range of activities that require simple materials, are easy to do, and are a whole bunch of fun. No extra time needed out of your busy schedule!

Play an active role in developing the Tiny Thinker in your little one.