Label The Groceries (Level 3)

Label The Groceries (Level 3)

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 4 to 7
Time: 30 minutes
Learning outcome: Pattern Recognition, Algorithm

About "Label The Groceries"
After your next grocery run, how about teaching your little one to "label data" (e.g. which products are fruits and vegetables). Once your child understands the game, you can then challenge your child to identify new fruits or vegetables, and let them predict the produce category it falls into.

Materials needed:
• Groceries


  1. Practise with new fruit and vegetables that were previously not introduced and ask your child what category it belongs to (e.g. Are onions fruits or vegetables? What makes them fruits or vegetables?)

  2. The aim is to have them categorise the food items based on the conditions that they learnt (e.g. vegetables are usually green).

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