Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 4 to 6
Time: 5 minutes
Learning outcome: Algorithm, Sequence

About "Treasure Hunt"
A fun game of treasure hunt with your child can help them practise algorithms and sequencing! Using a series of dynamic movements and actions, your child is sure to be engaged in this meaningful yet fun activity.

Materials Needed:
• 3 objects as "the treasures"


  1. Simply place the “treasures” all around an area, then program your child to get there from a starting point.

  2. A simple example could be: 2 big steps forward, crawl forward for 3 seconds, 3 big steps right, jump forward 5 times.

  3. It is important for your child to follow the sequence of steps here, and the art of following precise instructions. Mix and match the actions and steps to make it fun!