A Loopy Dance (Level 1)

A Loopy Dance (Level 1)

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 5 to 6
Time: 30 to 45 minutes
Learning outcome: Pattern Recognition, Loops, Spatial Perspective

About "A Loopy Dance"
Through moving and dancing, let your child identify the loops and repetitions in the choreography. It is also a great time to guide her spatial perspective, by practising with her directions! From there, let her create her own dance with a certain number of loops!

Materials Needed:
• Dance instruction printable (find it here)


Explain to your child what loops are.

A loop is basically a structure that repeats a sequence of instructions.

To explain it to your child, you could use this analogy. If your sister wanted you to play her favorite song over and over, she wouldn’t say: “Please play my song, play my song, play my song, play my song. She would most likely say: “Please play my song four times.”

From there, let them take a look at the dance instruction printable (or any other kids' dance videos) and get them to identify loops!

  1. Look at the dance moves provided on the instruction sheet.

  2. Run through the dance slowly, one instruction at a time. Practise a few times with them, and test them on their spatial memory (e.g. "raise your right arm").

  3. Ask your child if they can spot the loop (repeating instructions!)

  4. Ask questions: What would the dance look like if we only repeated the main part 2 times? What if we repeated the main part 4 times? Can you find anything else in the dance that we could use a loop for?
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