Pack Your Bag

Pack Your Bag

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 6 to 7
Time: 20 minutes
Learning outcome: Decomposition, Sequence

About "Pack Your Bag"
Help your child organise their backpack to make life easier! This game teaches them how to sequence, plan, and (hopefully) master the art of bag packing for school through Computational Thinking!

Materials Needed:
• Their bag


  1. Planning Checklist: Have your kid list out what they need during the day at school on a piece of paper. Ask them, "why do you need this?" Use the conversation to help them prioritize and think through what they need in their bag.

  2. On the same piece of paper, outline two columns called "how often do I need this?" and "where should i put it?" beside each item. Go through their schedule for the next day with them, and ask them what items they need for each activity on the schedule.
    For example, "for breakfast I need my water bottle and lunchbox." Ask them: "Which item would they need the most? Where should you put the item? What do you need first or last throughout the day?"

  3. Fill in the columns for each item on the checklist. From there, rank the items according to importance and how frequent it will be used. The most important item, ranked "1", should be placed somewhere prominent. This is the most important part of this exercise, to help determine the sequence of items and eventually impact the location of the item in the bag.

  4. Get them to pack according to the sequence and rank order written down. Challenge them by asking them how they can pack better the next time.
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