Find What's Missing

Find What's Missing

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 5 to 7
Time: 30 minutes
Learning outcome: Abstraction, Sequence

About "Find What's Missing"
You're stressed to find the lost item. Don't worry, your child can help you find the item logically and computationally. Play this game with your kid to teach them how to backtrack step by step. Visualize what happened before item disappeared.

Materials Needed:
• Paper
• Pen


  1. Flashback - Ask your child the last place they saw the missing object. When did they see it? Questions are open-ended based on the situation, day, and time. You are welcome to have a piece of paper and let your child draw if they are not able to write or read.

  2. Questioning - Now ask more questions such as where they went today, where they put their other items etc. Narrow down the possibilities and refine the list of possible locations.

  3. Reflecting - Ask your child if the item was ever lost before, if so, where did they lose it? Allow your child to reflect, review and rethink the process of backtracking. All of these questions will guide their thinking, which is helpful in developing abstraction. After finding the item, let your child answer what they should do to put it in a safe place.