Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 5 to 7
Time: 30 minutes
Learning outcome: Pattern Recognition

About "Spelling Bee"
Using a series of words, let your child identify the common words within a grid. You can work with any of the words that your child knows!

Materials Needed:
• Pen
• Paper


  1. Write down the words that your child knows, each on a small piece of paper (e.g. run, hop, jump, swim, north, south, east, west, daddy, mummy, brother, sister)

  2. Jumble up the pile of words.

  3. Decompose the words: Take it one by one, and read them out loud. Once your little one has a good sense of the words, ask them how they should group these words together and give them an example. (i.e. north, south, east, and west should be together as they are all directional words).

Explore with new words that they've learnt and constantly add in various groups or themes! Some categories for inspiration: Food, Animals, Directions, Names, Stationery, and Numbers.