Sort The Laundry

Sort The Laundry

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 5 to 6
Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Learning outcome: Pattern Recognition, Decomposition

About "Sort The Laundry"
Need help with the laundry? Fret not, this is the perfect excuse to get your child involved and hands-on with some of the housework! They can learn pattern recognition and decomposition from it while contributing to the household chores!

Materials Needed:
• Your laundry!


Sorting and categorising laundry can be a good way to teach your child how to recognise patterns (e.g. colours) and break down a huge load of laundry into smaller categories.

  1. From a laundry basket, start off by exclaiming: "Wow we have to do the laundry for the week! Is there a lot to do? Let's make this simple by doing it one step at a time."

  2. Proceed to then sort out the laundry based on the requirement you stated!
    Some categories to consider:
    • By family member (mummy's, daddy's, jiejie's, korkor's)
    • By colour (white, black, colours)
    • By type (jeans, shorts, tshirts, blouses, dresses)

  3. Go through with them each piece of clothing and let your child decides which category it belongs to. If he/she has identified wrongly, let him/her try again!