Gai Gai Routine // Jalan Jalan (Level 2)

## Gai Gai Routine // Jalan Jalan (Level 2)

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 5 to 6
Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Learning outcome: Algorithm, Sequence

About "Gai Gai Routine (Jalan Jalan)"

One of the most useful habits to instill in your child- is to come up with their own leaving-the-house routine! He/she will be mindful not to leave the house without all the necessary items, and learn algorithm and sequences in the process.

No materials needed!


  1. Once they’re doing this comfortably, ask them to begin vocalising the process on their own. You can also mix-up the instructions and get them to put them in the correct sequence in order to 'run the program'.

  2. At this point, it’s fun to start asking them questions: "Why we do the process in this order? Can we change any of the steps and still have the same effect? For example, can you lock the door before you close the door? Why?"

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