Gai Gai Routine // Jalan Jalan (Level 1)

Gai Gai Routine // Jalan Jalan (Level 1)

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 4 to 5
Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Learning outcome: Algorithm, Sequence

About "Gai Gai Routine (Jalan Jalan)"
One of the most useful habits to instill in your child- is to come up with their own leaving-the-house routine! He/she will be mindful not to leave the house without all the necessary, and learn algorithm and sequences in the process.

No materials needed!


Come up with a routine before leaving the house, and stick to its sequence to teach your child algorithms! Begin by familiarising the child with the steps we take when we leave home, along with the terminology for those steps. You can do this by vocalising the process every time you go out.

For example:

  1. Pack your bag
  2. Get dressed
  3. Take the house keys
  4. Put on your shoes
  5. Open the door
  6. Walk out of the door
  7. Close the door
  8. Lock the door

Continue to say these steps aloud until the child knows them. Then try to encourage them to begin saying them at the same time as you. If your child skips a step, or jumbles up the sequence, correct him/her and remind your child that you cannot walk out of the door before you open the door, for example.

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