Toy With The Clock

Toy With The Clock

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 4 to 5
Time: 5 minutes
Learning outcome: Spatial Perspective, Rotation

About "Toy With The Clock"
It is important to start with the basics of direction and spatial perspective for the younger ones. If your kid is still not familiar with the directions, this is a great game to start with! Bonus: Your child can learn or get better at counting through this game.

Materials needed:
• A clock (or a printout! try here)
• Their favourite toy


  1. On a clock (print a picture of a clock if you can't use a real one), put your child's favourite toy at 12 o'clock.
  2. Ask your child to send his pet to 10 o'clock. He/she can either take 10 steps clockwise, or 2 steps anticlockwise.
  3. Practise with different start and end points and encourage them to count and give specific directions (e.g. take 3 steps to the right).