Let's Make A Sandwich (Level 3)

Let's Make A Sandwich (Level 3)

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 6 to 7
Time: 30-45 minutes
Learning outcome: Algorithm, Loops

About "Let's Make A Sandwich"
Making a sandwich is intuitive to us, but perhaps not for your child! If you, the sandwich maker had to follow the instructions your child gives without any prior knowlege on sandwich making, a number of "errors" will occur. It is important to follow the instructions your child gives you directly - to ensure they give thorough instructions. Practise making a sandwich for breakfast, and practise algorithms and pattern recognition at the same time!

Materials needed:
• 2 loaves of bread (sliced)
• Butter knife
• 1 jar of peanut butter AND 1 jar of jam (or their favourite spread!)
• Kitchen towel / tissue for clean-up


Once your child has mastered Level 2 of this game, your child can move on to coming up with his/her own detailed and clear recipe that you could follow. This time, let him/her come up with a list of instructions and if there are any steps missing, guide him/her through it and rewrite the recipe. The end product should look something like this:

  1. Take a slice of bread
  2. Open the jar of peanut butter by twisting the lid counter clockwise
  3. Pick up a knife by the handle
  4. Insert the knife into the jar of peanut butter
  5. Remove the knife from the jar of peanut butter and run it across the slice of bread
  6. Take a second slice of bread
  7. Repeat steps 2-5 with the second slice of bread and the jar of jelly.
  8. Press the two slices of bread together such that the peanut butter and jelly meet

Once you guys are done with the planning, proceed to execute the recipe together and enjoy your sandwich!

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