Let's Make A Sandwich (Level 2)

Let's Make A Sandwich (Level 2)

Activity type: Offline
For ages: 4 to 5
Time: 15-30 minutes
Learning outcome: Algorithm, Loops

About "Let's Make A Sandwich"
Making a sandwich is intuitive to us, but perhaps not for your child! If you, the sandwich maker had to follow the instructions your child gives without any prior knowlege on sandwich making, a number of "errors" will occur. It is important to follow the instructions your child gives you directly - to ensure they give thorough instructions. Practise making a sandwich for breakfast, and practise algorithms and pattern recognition at the same time!

Materials needed:
• 2 loaves of bread (sliced)
• Butter knife
• 1 jar of peanut butter AND 1 jar of jam (or their favourite spread!)
• Kitchen towel / tissue for clean-up


  1. In Level 2 of this activity, your child is expected to give clearer and more concise instructions. You will require 2 jars of differing spreads for this exercise.

  2. Your child needs to give standing orders "e.g. Take some butter and spread it onto the bread, until the slice of bread has a full layer of butter." This introduces the concept of loops to your little one. You can be more creative with the second spread "Spread from right to left or top to bottom; While bread is visible, keep spreading".

  3. Instructions to assemble the sandwich must also be clear: Guide your child to teach you how exactly to stack the 2 slies of bread. e.g. One on top of the other, along the flat side, the slice with the butter and jam on top.

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