Let's Make A Sandwich (Level 1)

Let's Make A Sandwich (Level 1)
Activity type: Offline
For ages: 4 to 5
Time: 15 minutes
Learning outcome: Algorithm, Loops

About "Let's Make A Sandwich"

Making a sandwich is intuitive to us, but perhaps not for your child! If you, the sandwich maker had to follow the instructions your child gives without any prior knowlege on sandwich making, a number of "errors" will occur. It is important to follow the instructions your child gives you directly - to ensure they give thorough instructions. Practise making a sandwich for breakfast, and practise algorithms and pattern recognition at the same time!

Materials needed:
• 2 loaves of bread (sliced)
• Butter knife
• 1 jar of peanut butter / jam (or their favourite spread!)
• Kitchen towel / tissue for clean-up


  1. Parent A will pretend that they have no idea how to make a sandwich. Get your child to give instructions to you to build the sandwich - and specify that the instructions needs to be clear.

  2. Your child might ask you to put butter on the bread: the action that follows should be placing the whole tub of butter, and place it on the bread. The step that you are trying to achieve is to get your child to instruct you as clearly as if he/she is instructing a computer. "Use a knife, pick some butter with the knife", are instructions that are required for someone (e.g. a computer) with no knowledge of sandwich making.

  3. Act on your child's instructions as literal as possible. For example, if the instruction he/she gives is clearly missing additional information (e.g. put knife into jar without instructions to open the jar) , act out their instruction in a ridiculous manner. (e.g. try to stick knife into unopened jar with lid on)

  4. Additional ways to be frustratingly literal include grasping the knife by the blade or pushing the sides of bread without peanut butter and jelly together then complaining about the mess.

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